About Force of the Forest

Force of the Forest is a detox therapy and indigenous medicine specialist in the UK.


Our Mission
For the last six years we have been on a quest to heal and explore; along the way we have met several tribal nations, partaking in their rituals and experiencing their many plant technologies.


We have received a huge amount of healing and guidance from these ancient tools. Therefore we feel inspired to share what we've found, and deliver these frequencies from the jungle to you. For every product sold a tree will be planted!


All our products and packaging are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and plastic free. We work with the tribes to support them, you, the earth and the future generations of life. 

The intention of our project is to:
  • Share these healing medicines
  • Protect and replant our forests
  • Protect and respect Kambo and his habitat
  • Support the tribes and their ancestral knowledge
Tree sisters
We are supporting an organisation called Tree Sisters who will be planting trees for us. Nearly 12.5 million trees have been funded through this project so far. We believe planting trees is crucial for sustaining life on this planet, and these amazing women are making a huge impact. 
Check out their site: https://treesisters.org/