Huni Kuin Cacao
Huni Kuin Cacao
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Huni Kuin Cacao

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This very special Chocolate hapé is made by the Huni Kuin tribe of Brazil. The hapé is soaked in jungle Cacao during a unique process, in order to infuse its flavour and medicinal qualities.

Cacao is a known heart tonic. It opens the heart physically and energetically, promotes positive mood and relaxation, and is mildly stimulating. Combined with the Hapé it feels like a soft velvet wave, a heart focused medicine that promotes love, nourishment, grounding and healing.

Interesting science of Cacao

Andandomide is a neurotransmitter found in Cacao, also known as the 'bliss chemical'. This is naturally released in the brain when we are feeling happy.

Cacao contains seretonin and increases the body’s production of it, contributing to uplifted and positive feelings and emotions whilst also remedying stress.

PEA (Phenylethylamine), also know as the "love molecule', is also found in cacao. This is the chemical found in the brain that is responsible for feelings of love, infatuation, pleasure and joy.

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